Why Whil

Improve your corporate culture while reducing absenteeism, turnover and health care costs.


Improve Employee Wellbeing in a Changing World


Help your employees feel healthier, happier, connected and productive with Whil’s digital wellbeing platform. With 250+ clients in all industries, we help members in over 110 countries to reduce stress, increase resilience and improve their wellbeing, sleep and performance.


Employees Are Struggling with Health & Performance Issues


1 in 5

suffer from mental health challenges

(World Health Organization)



suffer from

(Centers for Disease Control)



of health cases are stress related

(American Psychological Association)



are disengaged at

(Gallup, State of Global Workforce)


Disruption Takes a Toll On Your Business

Juggling Disruption

Your employees’ ability to control their thoughts, feelings and actions impacts your culture and business results.

right-chevron High Stress

50% report “high” to “extreme” stress. (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

right-chevron High Absenteeism

78% miss work due to mental wellbeing concerns. (Mental Health Foundation)

right-chevron Lost Productivity

Productivity losses linked to stress cost $300bn annually in the U.S. alone. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

right-chevron High Turnover

Productivity losses linked to stress cost $300bn annually in the U.S. alone. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


Don’t Trust Your Employees’ Mental Health to Consumer Apps


While cartoons, hipster monks, athletes and celebrities make for great gimmicks, modern mental health challenges require credentialed experts. Modern wellbeing programs balance global scale, privacy and compliance with on-demand expertise to help professionals get more out of life.


Consumer Apps

Gimmicky / Crowdsourced
Limited Variety
Stealth Spiritual Content
Lightweight Technology
Sponsored Content & Ads

Whil's Enterprise Solution

Credentialed Experts
250+ Mini-Courses
Modern, Curated and Secular
Built for the Enterprise
For Professionals


We’re Committed to Your Success


96% of users report “Whil helped me” and 95% of our clients renew each year because we listen, evolve and live our commitment to their employees.

right-chevron For Professionals, by Professionals

From individual personalization to Team Training Guides to improving culture, we help professionals learn, develop and grow with a modern, tactical, curated and impactful user experience.

right-chevron We Hire People Who Live Our Brand

Our team lives the values that matter to our members, partners and clients. This includes a commitment to the communities we serve, being experts in all we do, and doing more than is asked of us. We value direct feedback and we welcome high expectations.

Committed to Success

Make Wellbeing Your New Competitive Advantage eBook

Whil eBook

Employees who have the tools, support and life skills they need to manage constant, ongoing change are healthier, happier and far more resilient and productive at work. Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business. Download our e-book to start building your competitive advantage today.


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Create Happier, Healthier Employees and a Workforce That Thrives