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Practice Mindfulness. Anytime, Anywhere.

330+ mindfulness sessions provide meditation and awareness training to reduce stress and anxiety, enabling you to focus and perform in the moment. And 120+ yoga sessions will get you ripped (or at least flexible).

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Whil is the leader in digital mindfulness, yoga and leadership training.

We've curated programs from the world’s top trainers to help you live a happier, healthier, more engaged life. Explore over 450 different practice sessions.

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What would 10 minutes of mindfulness practice a day do for you?

Science is in our corner: In thousands of studies, the benefits of mindfulness include improving focus, relationships, health, and sleep while reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

Increase focus: HR professionals trained in mindfulness were able to concentrate better, stay on task longer, multitask more effectively, and remember what they’d done better than those who didn’t take the training. (Levy et al., 2012)
Immune System
Increase your immune system: After 8 weeks of mindfulness training, Biotech employees showed decreased anxiety and significant increased activity in the parts of their brains associated with positive emotions. Participants also developed more antibodies to the influenza vaccine. (Davidson, Kabat-Zinn, et al., 2003)
Build gray matter: The insula is thicker in long term mindfulness meditators. It’s the area of the brain involved in self-awareness and in processing information about the internal state of our body. It integrates this information with cognitive parts of the brain so that you can have an appropriate response to that sensory information. Practice mindfulness. Build gray matter. (Neuroreport 16:1893, Lazar et al., 2005)
Be more innovative: In a survey of leaders, 93% reported mindfulness training helped them create space for innovation. Unlock your next big idea. (Institute for Mindful Leadership, 2011)
Calm yo-self: People with greater meditation training had less activity in the amygdala (the fight or flight trigger in the brain) compared to novice meditators when negative distracting sounds were played. The more hours of meditation training the practitioner had, the lower the activation in the amygdala. Enhance your ability to regulate attention and stress factors. (Brefczynski-Lewis J.A. et al., 2007)
Blood Pressure
Lower your blood pressure: After just a few weeks of yoga training, patients with hypertension showed a significant reduction in resting heart rate and blood pressure. Average systolic blood pressure dropped from 141.7 to 127.9 by the third week and continued falling to 120.7 by the fourth week. (Vijayalakshmi et al., 2004)
Quit smoking: Among nicotine dependent adults, individuals who received mindfulness training showed a greater rate of reduction in cigarette use, and maintained these gains during follow-up. They also exhibited a 16% trend toward greater abstinence rate at the end of treatment. (Brewer et al., 2011)
Improve your mood: Mindfulness-based therapy has been effective for improving anxiety and mood symptoms. In a randomized study of patients with depression, mindfulness therapy prevented relapses by 42%. (Kuyken, 2008)
Higher Test Scores
Get higher test scores: Mindfulness training curbed mind wandering and improved cognitive function. College students who took a 2 week mindfulness training class did better on working memory tasks and had 16 percentile points higher accuracy on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) than students with no training. (Mrazek et al., 2013)
Improve your sleep: In cancer patients with insomnia, mindfulness treatment produced significant differences in sleep quality. It took 22 minutes less to get to sleep and total sleep time increased by at least 30 min. (Garland, 2012)
Cardiovascular Health
Improve cardiovascular health: Mindfulness is positively associated with good cardiovascular health, particularly shown in risk factors such as smoking, body mass index, fasting glucose, and physical activity. Practitioners with high mindfulness scores were 83% more likely to have good cardiovascular health than those with low mindfulness. (Loucks et al., 2014)
Healing Time
Heal faster: Mindfulness training accelerated the healing of psoriasis (a skin condition). All participants were given the usual PUVA or UVB treatments. Audio meditation instructions were played to half of the participants during the treatment. Just audio training significantly accelerated the rate of skin clearing / healing for mindfulness practitioners. (Jon Kabat-Zinn et al., 2003)
Miss Less Work
Mindfulness training was linked to a 40-50% decrease in cold and flu symptoms and 76% fewer missed days of work days than those who did not practice. Feel better. Get paid. (Barrett et al., 2012)
Improve PTSD
After 6 months of mindfulness training, 48% of veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) had clinically significant improvements in symptoms such as depression, behavioral activation and experiential avoidance. (Kearney, 2013)

Our Programs

Whether you're wanting to be more present as a partner or parent, an executive building a more compassionate performance culture, or just someone who wants to enjoy life more and be less stressed, you'll find fun, guided real-time sessions to help you get there.

Each program is developed for specific health, work, and relationship outcomes.

Our NOW program includes 450+ sessions of mindfulness meditation and yoga training for adults.

We collaborated with the world's best trainers to help you get the most out of life. Get clear on what performance means to you and learn to be calm, present and get "in the zone" more regularly. Our mindfulness library is based on neuroscience and organized by health, work, relationships, and sleep topics.

Register to receive 7 free days of unlimited access to our entire library (and permanent free access to our "Basic Training" series). Subscribe to unlock the full library when you're ready.

Mindfulness and Yoga Training

Our GROW program includes 450+ sessions of mindfulness training for teens.

Holistic Life Foundation (HLF) and Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme) are two of the leading young adult mindfulness training organizations in the U.S. We collaborated to create a program based on neuroscience and developed specifically for the modern teen lifestyle.

This program is designed for young adults who want to grow into their best selves while learning to manage fear, anxiety, and acceptance. (Aren't we all?) Teen athletes will also find sessions to help them focus and tap into the elusive "flow-state" more often.

Register to receive 7 free days of unlimited access to our entire library (and permanent free access to our "Basic Training" series). Subscribe to unlock the full library when you're ready.

Mindfulness for Teens
Coming Soon

Our SIY program includes 150+ sessions of emotional intelligence and compassionate leadership training for professionals at any stage of their career.

We collaborated with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) to offer a digital version of their famous live training course which was developed at Google. Based on neuroscience, SIYLI uses the practices of mindfulness to train Emotional Intelligence skills, leading to resilience, positive mindset, and centered leadership. In the midst of complexity, it’s about finding the inner capacity to create, to thrive, to lead. And it’s surprisingly fun. Backed by some of the world’s leading experts in neuroscience and mindfulness, SIYLI is changing thousands of lives around the world.

Compassionate Leadership
More Programs Coming Soon!

Whil Trainers

The best of the best

Whil has assembled some of the best mindfulness and yoga trainers in the world to help you become a happier, healthier person. Meet them right here and get started for free!

Kelly Boys
Kelly Boys is a corporate mindfulness trainer and former program director at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (born out of Google). She focuses on training mindfulness teachers and helping Fortune 500 companies make happier workplaces.
Meet Kelly
Practicing with Kelly is like getting a master’s degree in your own body. Each thought, sensation and feeling was a stepping stone to better understanding my mind, body, and spirit."
Ben, former US Army Sergeant, Washington, DC
Kelly's work has been such a Godsend and at just the right times. I love listening when I get home from a busy day at work. It's like magic. It's also a great sleep aid."
Siri, Certified Nutritionist
I’ve enjoyed listening to the soothing voice of Kelly guiding me through meditations. These sessions help me easily relax my body, calm my mind and revitalize my energy."
Christie, Teacher, Sacramento, CA
Janet Stone
Janet is a former film and TV producer. For the past ten years, she’s been leading yoga immersions, retreats, and workshops. She’s a lululemon brand ambassador and has taught at yoga events all over the world, including Wanderlust.
Meet Janet
Janet Stone is the real deal. There are so many layers to this yoga practice and one gets to experience them all, as deeply as needed/wanted."
Alice, San Francisco, CA
Janet Stone is incredible. Her yoga sequencing is poetic, and her ability to audibly and visually guide students through a yoga practice is unparalleled. She brings it!"
Mike, San Francisco, CA
Wade Gotwals
Wade Gotwals has been teaching yoga for 20 years and specializes in working with athletes. He teaches at yoga events worldwide including to 1,000 people on Chicago’s Wrigley Field.
Meet Wade
Practicing with Wade Gotwals feels like coming home. His teachings have brought me immense personal and emotional growth."
Linda, Chicago
Wade Gotwals somehow makes a challenging practice feel like play time. He has young energetic energy about him but it definitely comes from an older wise soul."
Karen, New York, NY
Pascal Auclair
Pascal is a former professional actor and a faculty member at the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Massachusetts. He teaches mindfulness to corporate leaders, young adults and “regular folk” all over the world.
Meet Pascal
Pascal’s style brought such lightheartedness and playfulness to even difficult matters. I learned that meditation is MUCH more than a way to quiet the mind."
Carole, Montreal, Quebec
Pascal Auclair’s teaching style—relaxed, flexible, humorous and yet profound and solid—works so well."
Joe, Ottawa, Ontario
Thank you, Pascal, for your humourous touch and your colourful, exotic flavour, filled with humility and grace. Your kindness and your humanity touch me."
Ariane, North Hatley, Quebec
Faith Hunter
Faith is one of the hardest working yoginis in flow-business, teaching internationally and at her very own studio in Washington DC. She’s taught yoga in around the world, in Central Park, and at the White House.
Meet Faith
Faith is simply the best. Her yoga practice is fun and creative. She’s makes it easy to figure out how to move slowly into new and difficult postures."
Tony, Washington DC
Faith’s yoga style is addicting and she's got a great sense of pace."
Farah, Berkeley, CA
Mark Coleman
Mark Coleman is a former punk rocker, author, and mindfulness consultant. He is an executive coach who works with individuals and Fortune 500 companies around the world.
Meet Mark
Mark changed my life. I worry less about things I can't control and make an effort to find joy in everyday life. I’m more relaxed, more patient with my children and a better partner."
David, Chief Operating Officer
Mark Coleman is exceptional. He makes mindfulness techniques so easy that I immediately experienced how to be more aware, and appreciative of the present moment."
Lisa, HR Consultant
Life and business is all about where you pay your attention. Mark Coleman has helped me to be present for both my personal and professional life."
Charles, CEO
I recommend this training to any corporate leader committed to raising the 'awareness' of their employees."
David, Advertising Executive

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