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Webinars for HR, Employee Benefits and L&D Leaders

Improve Employee Wellbeing, Sleep & Performance

Stress and mental wellbeing is the #1 concern for 93% of businesses. While you can't create a stress-free work environment, you can develop a culture of mindfulness, resilience and high performance. These webcasts from the experts at Whil give HR, Employee Benefits and L&D professionals the knowledge and skills to do exactly that.

Join us for these fun, insightful learning experiences featuring Whil's team of experts!

Emotional Intelligence: Your New Competitive Advantage


October 23, 2019

Fast Company calls emotional intelligence (EQ) the “must-have skills for modern professionals” - yet many are too stressed to know where to start. Join Joe Burton, Founder & CEO of Whil (CSOD’s new content partner) for this entertaining and engaging webcast to learn the foundational practices for mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills for yourself - and how to develop a culture of wellbeing, EQ and sustainable performance in your company. This webcast comes at the perfect time for year-end performance reviews where EQ can make or break that important employee experience. Attendees will receive the Whil for Cornerstone eBook, “How to Build Emotional Intelligence, the “Must Have Skill for Modern Professionals.”