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Webinars for HR, Employee Benefits and L&D Leaders

Improve Employee Wellbeing, Sleep & Performance

Stress and mental wellbeing is the #1 concern for 93% of businesses. While you can't create a stress-free work environment, you can develop a culture of mindfulness, resilience and high performance. These webcasts from the experts at Whil give HR, Employee Benefits and L&D professionals the knowledge and skills to do exactly that.

Join us for these fun, insightful learning experiences featuring Whil's team of experts!

Emotional Intelligence Skills for High Performance Work Cultures


March 28, 2019

Fast Company calls emotional intelligence the “must-have skill for modern professionals.” Learn how the five key aspects of EQ can be trained and fostered to help employees at any stage in their career to be more self-aware, regulated, motivated, compassionate, and socially connected.

Building Employee Resilience for Sales Organizations: Calm and Focused Selling


April 25, 2019

Sales is number three on the top most stressful careers. Learn how specific mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills can help your sales organization to reduce stress, increase self-awareness, be confident and deepen client relationships. We’ll also share the research that went into Whil’s new science-based “Calm and Focused Selling” training program. Get ready to Be Well and Sell!