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Webinars for HR, Employee Benefits and L&D Leaders

Improve Employee Wellbeing, Sleep & Performance

Stress and mental wellbeing is the #1 concern for 93% of businesses. While you can't create a stress-free work environment, you can develop a culture of mindfulness, resilience and high performance. These webcasts from the experts at Whil give HR, Employee Benefits and L&D professionals the knowledge and skills to do exactly that.

Join us for these fun, insightful learning experiences featuring Whil's team of experts!

Help Your Employees Survive Holiday Stress


December 17, 2019

Join us Tuesday, December 17th @ 11:00pm PST for a live webinar with Joe Burton, Founder & CEO of Whil, as he discusses stress reduction techniques you can share with your employees as they cope with the anxiety and stress of travel delays, complex family dynamics and everything in between.  

Help Employees Start the New Year Right by Learning to Meditate


January 21, 2020

The holiday season should be a joyous time, but why is it oftentimes so stressful? Travel plans? Shopping last minute or burnt out from work obligations? Your employees' environment outside of work can sometimes lead to distractions at work, so it's important to keep your people as motivated as possible to meet year-end goals!

Helping Employees Improve Relationships in an Always-On World


February 25, 2020

Relationships are the key to sustainable team performance, but over 50% of HR executives report having a “toxic culture”. Tune in to learn about empathy and compassion; trainable skills that are critical to authentic leadership, collaboration, and creating a positive company culture.