Our Professional Resilience Solution

Help employees build emotional intelligence, create high performing teams and a healthy company culture.


Build an Inclusive, High Performing Culture

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Comprehensive Coverage to Elevate Performance

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  • Targeted programs for leaders, supervisors and culture / wellbeing champions at any level.

  • Credentialed experts and a variety of programs to support a diverse and inclusive workforce.

  • Success Toolkit and Team Training Guides to create a culture of wellbeing.

  • Available in 9+ languages. The perfect micro-training for post pandemic professionals.

  • 124+ digital mini-courses with 30+ Challenges and 3,700+ sessions, tips, articles and exercises.


8 Training Areas for Personal Growth, Teamwork, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Skills


Our Professional Resilience solution for “More Success” provides over 4 years of content in 8 training areas focused on skills for personal growth, teamwork and culture. In addition, we provide tools and skill-building courses for managers and leaders to play a proactive role in creating a healthy culture at work, including industry-leading courses for supporting neurodiverstiy in the workplace.

Professional - Training Areas

Example Topics & Courses

Thumbnail - The Winning Attitude

The Winning Attitude
10 Sessions

Thumbnail - Overcome Mental Hurdles

Overcome Mental Hurdles
5 Sessions

Thumbnail - Overcome Conflict

Overcome Conflict
5 Sessions

Thumbnail - Be Confident and Creative

Be Confident and Creative
5 Sessions

Thumbnail - Lifting Weight of Inequality

Lift the Weight of Inequality
5 Sessions

Thumbnail - Thriving Together

Thriving Together
5 Sessions

Thumbnail - Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership
20 Sessions

Thumbnail - CML Resilience

8 Sessions

Thumbnail - Calm and Focused Selling

Calm and Focused Selling
16 Sessions

Thumbnail - Resilience in Finance

Resilience in Finance 
16 Sessions

Thumbnail - Leading with Compassion

Leading with Compassion
11 Sessions

Thumbnail - Managing Difficult Conversations

Managing Difficult Conversations
7 Sessions


Support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Your Company

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Our award-winning solution goes beyond supporting all of your DEI initiatives, to also include neurodiverse employees. 

Employers can drive more significant growth, greater value contribution and productivity by enabling a culture of inclusion and acceptance.

Our Professional solution helps employers retain, support and optimize the performance of diverse and neurodiverse talent through e-learning, live support and onsite consultations. Our-research based content and clinical support helps HR, managers and employers navigate through common challenges to create a more inclusive and healthy working environment.


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