Our Personal Wellbeing Solution

Help employees learn mindfulness techniques and manage stress, anxiety and sleep issues in a changing world.


Focus on Wellbeing

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Comprehensive Coverage to Improve Mental, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

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  • Evidence-based training that leverages neuroscience, positive psychology and adult learning theory.

  • Personalized and tactical meditations to learn, reinforce and apply new life skills.

  • Available in 9+ languages to help employees reduce stress and improve focus.

  • Integrates into your current ecosystem (Wellness, LMS and EAP platforms).

  • 134+ digital mini-courses with 25+ Challenges and 3,100+ sessions, tips, articles and exercises.


8 Evidence-based Training Areas


Our Personal wellbeing solution for “Less Stress” provides over 4 years of unique sessions in 8 training areas to help participants build life skills for resilience, mindfulness and a positive mindset. For stress resilience and emotional wellbeing, we help employees reduce anxiety, learn to meditate, boost their physical health and more.

Personal - Training Areas

Example Topics & Courses

Thumbnail - Mindfulness Basic Training

Mindfulness Basic Training
7 Sessions

Thumbnail -  Strengthen and Energize

Strengthen and Energize
5 Sessions

Thumbnail - Cultivate Healthy Thoughts

Cultivate Healthy Thoughts
4 Sessions

Thumbnail - Be Positive 1

Be Positive 1: Kindness
7 Sessions

Thumbnail - Turning Difficulties Around

Turning Difficulties Around
5 Sessions

Thumbnail - Calm Anxiety

Calm Anxiety
5 Sessions

Thumbnail - Reduce Daily Stress

Reduce Daily Stress
4 Sessions

Thumbnail - Ease into Sleep

Ease Into Sleep
5 Sessions


Recommended by the Best

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Our Personal solution is recommended by the top corporate wellness platforms, EAPs, Learning Management Systems and Healthcare Providers.

  • Built for the enterprise, the future of work and integrates seamlessly into your existing employee ecosystem.
  • The largest training library for stress resilience, mindfulness, sleep and mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • What Fast Company calls "the must-have skills for modern professionals."
  • Science-based practices for employees to learn & immediately apply new skills to be healthier, happier and more productive. 

Contact us to learn why the global leaders in benefits, wellness and learning & development choose Whil to create a culture of wellbeing for their employees. 


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96% of members say "Whil helped me reduce stress."


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