Develop emotional intelligence, stress-reduction and coping skills that last a lifetime.

Training that builds focused, positive and high performing individuals.

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Video / Audio training
The world's top trainers
Based in neuroscience

Goal-based training drives academic performance.

  • transform difficult emotions
  • relax and stress less
  • calm axiety and feel safe
  • Kick bad habits
  • create healthy habits
  • Incrase creativity and innovation
  • Be inspired and engaged
  • Think clearly and make better decisions
  • Be tolerant and accepting of others
  • Be a better leader
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Improve difficult relationships
  • create a bedtime routine
  • Go to sleep more easily
  • Sleep through the night
  • manage insomnia

30+ training goals supported by 200+ programs and 1,250+ sessions based in neuroscience, mindfulness and positive psychology.

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The world's top mindfulness trainers in the palm of your hand.

Decades of experience to cultivate calm, happy and successful teachers and students. Your low-cost, high-impact academic development tool.

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  • Mark Coleman
  • Kelly Boys
  • Faith Hunter
  • Atman Smith
  • Jessica Morey
  • Ali Smith
  • Janet Stone
  • Andy Gonzalez
  • Patrick Cook Deegan
  • Pascal Auclair
  • Dawn Scott

Whil covers you in the classroom and at home.

Plug & Play Sessions

(Classroom ready)

Teaching Guide

(Aligns with academic subjects)

Classroom Kit

(Collateral, posters, etc.)

Mobile Training

(24/7 access)

Free Monthly Webcasts

(New content every month)

Ongoing Content

(eBooks, Blog Posts, etc.)

Pick the training that suits your school or district needs.

Whil's GROW program

Students gain lifelong mindfulness, focus and wellbeing skills

54 Programs
(500+ Sessions)

Whil's THRIVE program

Teachers improve stress resiliency and professional development

82 Programs
(800+ Sessions)

Whil's MOVE program

Everyone gets yoga to exercise the body and mind

20 Programs
(200+ Sessions)

54 Programs
(500+ Sessions)

82 Programs
(800+ Sessions)

29 Programs
(120+ Sessions)

FREE to our customers

It’s not “one more thing to do.”

Whil aligns to common core and integrates into SEL and PBL for classroom impact. We make it simple as 1 - 2 - 3.

Easy rollout for students and teachers

In class: Teacher Guide aligns to academics

At home: Mobile access anywhere, anytime

High performing schools train with Whil.

Reduce your school's stress and unlock the academic skills necessary for life success.

Dashboards track community insights into performance, productivity and learning gains.

Reporting insights including:

Campus Morale
Goals & Achievements
Population Engagement
Health and Sleep Habits

Improve students' and teachers' health and happiness.

“Whil offers our students mindfulness as rocket fuel for calm, focus and driving the right outcomes at a critical point in their lives.”

Dr. Paul Friga,
Clinical Associate of Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

“I've recommended it in my work with educators from around the world, for both teachers and students to improve their wellbeing and focus.”

Maria Hersey,
Ph.D. & CEO Global Education Advisors, Inc.

“Whil get my students ready for learning. It’s great before test taking to reduce anxiety.”


“A powerful tool for our counselors to help students be calm and relax in tough times.”


“I build the sessions into our discussions. It’s an important part of my class now.”


“One word: life-changing. Ok, I cheated by hyphenating, but you get my point.”

College Student

“I see a marked difference in my classroom ever since my students started using Grow.”

7th Grade Teacher

“Whil helps me deal with behavioral disruptions or the aftermath of disruption on campus.”

School Counselor

“Whil has brought a new vibe to our teacher meetings. 1-minute sessions help keep us calm.”


“Whenever I get mad, I just put on a session and it helps me a lot.”

5th Grade Student

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