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No matter where your company is on its wellbeing journey, Whil makes it easy to get started, address recognized pain points, or rollout a comprehensive solution for wellbeing and performance.


Starter Kit

2,000 employee minimum

  • 15 certified trainers
  • 14 training areas, 28 courses
  • 295+ audio & video sessions
  • 450+ tips, articles & exercises
  • 10 ten-step challenges
  • 4 Team Training Guides

Admin Toolkit Resources

  • 25 best practice guides
  • 24 campaigns & poster sets
  • 4 certification programs
  • Analytics Dashboard (optional upgrade)

starting at

$0.17 - $0.25 

Per Employee, Per Month


Full Whil

500 employee minimum

  • 65+ certified trainers
  • 14 training areas, 260+ courses
  • 2,300+ audio & video sessions
  • 4,500+ tips, articles & exercises
  • 60 ten-step challenges
  • 49Team Training Guides

Admin Toolkit Resources

  • 25 best practice guides
  • 24 campaigns & poster sets
  • 4 certification programs
  • Analytics Dashboard

starting at

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Whil Pricing FAQs


Yes, our automated in-app Admin Success Toolkit provides all you need to plan, communicate, empower and sustain a successful wellbeing program in under 30-minutes per month. This includes email templates, posters, blog posts, articles and challenges. We enable everything to create an ongoing conversation around wellbeing in high-performing cultures.

Whil's HIPAA-compliant activity reports are provided via your dashboard or downloadable PDF to drive insights into your employees’ wellbeing, including:

  • User signups and adoption
  • Minutes of training / engagement
  • Sessions and course completions per active user
  • Monthly activity
  • User satisfaction ratings (96% of users say “Whil helped me.”)
  • Ranking of employee interest areas (e.g., stress, sleep, etc.)
  • Estimated ROI calculator
  • and 25+ additional data points

Generally, customers break even with as little as 2% engagement. Our target is a minimum of 2-3X ROI, driven by even modest decreases in absenteeism, turnover, and healthcare costs - and increases in focus, performance and productivity. Studies have shown ROI as great as 5000%, including a payer/providers showing a $2,000 decrease in healthcare costs and an estimated $3,000 increase in productivity per employee.


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