Science-Based Mini Courses

Our 3 leading solutions are based on decades of experience in neuroscience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, adult learning theory, neurodiversity and a wide array of parenting/caregiving specialties.


Created with 85+ Leading MDs, PhDs and Certified Experts

Creating Mindful Leaders

Leveraging 300+
Evidence-Based Studies

Dan Siegel

Dan Siegel, PhD
Psychologist & Author

Dr. Tara Cousineau

Dr. Tara Cousineau, PhD
Founder, BodiMojo

Dr. Jeffrey Durmer

Dr. Jeffrey Durmer, MD, PhD
CMO, Nox Health

Michelle Maldonado

Michelle Maldonado, JD
Trainer, Dan Goleman Institute

Rick Hanson

Rick Hanson, PhD
Psychologist & Author

Linda Curtis

Linda Curtis
Trainer / Former VP, Visa

Anil Dindigal-1

Anil Dindigal
VP, Salesforce

Dawn Scott

Dawn Scott
Director, Spirit Rock Family Practice

Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman, MA
Master Trainer - Whil

Mona Potter

Mona Potter, MD
Medical Director, Adolescent Mental Health

Dr. Eric Dinenberg

Dr. Eric Dinenberg, MD, MPH
CEO, Xpedition Health


Personal Wellbeing: 8 Training Areas

Training Area - Learn to Meditate

Learn to Meditate

Training Area - Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Training Area - Be Happier

Be Happier

Training Area - Take One-Minute Breaks

Take One-Minute Breaks

Training Area - Practice Yoga

Practice Yoga

Training Area - Sleep Better

Sleep Better

Training Area - Improve Mental Health

Improve Mental Health

Training Area - Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing


Professional Resilience: 8 Training Areas

Training Area - Build Emotional Intelligence

Build Emotional Intelligence

Training Area - Improve Relationships

Improve Relationships

Training Area - Develop a Growth Mindset

Develop a Growth Mindset

Training Area - Manage Career Stress

Manage Career Stress

Training Area - Boost Physical Health

Boost Physical Health

Training Area - Create a Culture of Wellbeing

Create a Culture of Wellbeing

Training Area - Support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Support DEI

Training Area - Authors & Certifitions

Author & Certification Series


Parenting & Caregiving: 14 Training Areas

Training Area - Parenting Skills

Mental Health - Parenting Skills

Training Area - Increase Awareness of Self and Others

Awareness of Self & Others

Training Area - Practice Self Care

Caring for Yourself

Training Area - Manage Emotions

Establish Autonomy

Training Area - Develop Social Awareness

Develop Social Awareness

Training Area - Improve Social Skills

Improve Social Skills

Training Areas - Coping with Trauma

Coping with Trauma

Training Area - Practice Mindfulness With Your Child

Mindfulness With Your Child

Training Area - Build Daily Living Skills

Build Daily Living Skills

Training Area - Develop Communication Skills

Develop Communication Skills

Training Area - Develop Motor Skills

Develop Motor Skills

Training Area - Foster Play and Liesure

Play and Leisure

Training Area - Prepare for School

Prepare for School

Training Area - Grow Social and Emotional Awareness

Social & Emotional Awareness


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Rethink’s new Whil platform enables employees to better manage challenges related to mental wellbeing, work performance and caregiving without the needs for learning multiple apps and approaches.


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