It's a Pandemic Charlie Brown Christmas

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By: The Whil Team | Last Updated: Feb 17, 2021

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The holiday season should be a joyous time, but the 2020 holidays are unusual to say the least. When “normal” seasonal stressors are coupled with a worsening pandemic and tough decisions about how to celebrate the holidays, it can feel overwhelming. While the Peanuts gang was dealing with the commercialization of the holidays, today’s professionals are dealing with a rapidly changing world. This webinar is all about self-care. Take an hour to unplug, recharge and enter the holiday season with intention!


  • Insights into the top 10 pandemic holiday stressors

  • Techniques to address loneliness, family tensions and sleep issues while bringing more gratitude into your day

  • Actionable tips to manage stress and bring more joy into your own holiday season

Wellbeing Insights

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