Introducing Rethink: Addressing Employee Parent Stress Before The Post-Pandemic Return

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By: The Whil Team | Last Updated: Apr 29, 2021

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As employers turn their focus to reopening workplaces amid promising news about the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important for managers and HR leaders to remember the additional stresses and challenges faced by their employees who have children at home. The pandemic has brought attention to the mental wellbeing of youth across the country, and employers are realizing parents bring this stress with them to work each and every day. The change “back to normal” is yet another change for parents and their families and now more than ever, employers need to be aware and supportive of their employees’ needs.

More than 200 Fortune 1000 companies and numerous state and local governments have turned to Rethink’s digital solution to step outside the health plan and fill resource gaps that can help their employee parents be happier and more productive at home and at work.


  • How the mental health epidemic among youth and the rising prevalence of developmental disabilities in children is affecting your employees

  • Why proactive and preventative support is critical – but often hard to find

  • Why EAPs are not always the solution and how digital training programs are becoming the norm

  • How Rethink has supported our client’s workforce to support their children to achieve successful outcomes and reduce absenteeism at work

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