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Why Mindfulness Is So Important For Professionals

We spend more of our time working than doing anything else, and researchers have found that these hours are on average the least happy of our lives. Endemic stress in knowledge-based industries accounts for a large proportion of workplace absence and represents a huge loss...
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Know The Numbers: The Risks Of Poor Mental Health

"Mental health is a fundamental human right for all people that requires a rights-based approach to protect the welfare of people with mental disorders and those at risk of poor mental health, and to enable an environment that promotes mental health for all." - Lancet...
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7 Ways Mindfulness Meditation Helps Beginners

These days, mindfulness meditation for beginners is a subject that gives rise to a great deal of confusion. With the rising popularity of meditation, it’s surprising to find that basic instruction is often overlooked. At almost every meditation group and retreat that I’ve...
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8 Ways to Be Happy by Living in the Present Moment

“Life is available only in the present moment.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh If you’ve read any books on meditation or spirituality, you’ve probably noticed that a common theme in most of them is the concept of living in the present moment. They usually describe the benefits of living...
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8 Ways to Improve Your Self-Esteem with Mindfulness

There are many reasons for low self-esteem. According to research, many of them stem from early childhood experiences involving physical, or emotional abuse, or feelings of abandonment. If you suffered from this type of childhood, low self-esteem can result if you didn’t...
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6 Ways That Mindfulness Fuels Greater Success, According To Research

According to The Mindfulness Initiative, a UK research group, the body of research-based evidence that mindfulness contributes to a richer, fuller life and greater business success is growing quickly. Here are 6 of our favorite ways for you to unlock your best self:  1....
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6 Tips to Plan Out Your Team’s Approach to Mindfulness

Mindfulness programs need not be time-consuming or expensive. Indeed, many organizations choose to start out with low touch / low-cost options while they experiment with mindfulness. Others choose to rely on in-house champions to establish grassroots support. Whil’s Team...
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6 Lifestyle Practices to Improve Memory and Quality of Life

Do you feel like your memory is declining as you get older? Well, you’re not alone. I see comments from old friends on Facebook all the time about how they’re having more trouble remembering things. But while my friends’ memories have declined, mine has actually improved....
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5 Ways To Create a More Mindful Team

In order for an organization to implement effective change strategies employees must be able to adapt to ever-changing situations and environments.52 For over 20 years, researchers have observed workplaces where individuals and teams reliably thrive in the face of constant...
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