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Empowering Parents of Children with Support Needs Requires a Holistic Approach

Parents and caregivers of children with support needs are more likely than not to deal with frustrating experiences when navigating through the complexity of the school and community system. These frustrations, compounded by the pandemic, can run as deep as not getting...
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The Advantages of Hybrid, Flexible and Autonomous Work Arrangements

Businesses thrive when employees choose to do innovative work in collaborative spaces. This traditional view remains true despite two years of a pandemic-induced disruptions. As the world nears the end of the pandemic, many companies have asked employees to return to the...
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Understanding Cognitive Distortions in the Workplace

As we recognize the importance of Mental Health Awareness Month, a topic that does not get enough coverage, even though it is universal, is cognitive distortions. From time to time, we experience errors in thinking that generally upset us due to how we process and think...
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Workplace Belonging: Parenting & Caregiver Edition

To prepare future generations for a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees feel they belong, we must instill and strengthen a child’s feelings of acceptance and compassion to help them overcome discomfort in situations which involve meeting people who look, think,...
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Workplace Belonging: Continuing the Journey

In response to the positive feedback from readers of our last article, Workplace Belonging: A Journey Rather Than a Destination, we added ten more pairs of questions for reflection and action. Answering these questions will further empower your employees to create a greater...
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Workplace Belonging: A Journey Rather Than a Destination

Employees who feel their organization is committed to and supportive of diversity and inclusion report better business outcomes in innovation, responsiveness to changing customer needs, and team collaboration. Moreover, employees have higher job satisfaction and lower...
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Employers take note: Successful work teams have complementary strengths and weaknesses

Everyone compares themselves to others on social media as if society wants us to possess similar traits and characteristics. Our attributes range from “what people think is typical” to “what they believe categorizes the ideal person” to “what they find problematic in...
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Languishing: The Hidden Struggle Against Our Mental Health

Now, well into the pandemic, it’s clear that many people are exhibiting signs of mental or financial distress. Even those who seem fine and capable might still be experiencing a pervasive feeling of emptiness and stagnation as though some unexplained invisible force...
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Your budget. Your way.

Some people look at budgeting as an object of torture – but it doesn’t have to be. If you create your budget with your goals, it’s YOUR budget – something you can take pride in and rely on to help you achieve financial peace of mind. A budget is not a wish list. It’s a...
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