Lessons Learnt From 27,000 Miles of Perseverance and Mindfulness

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By: Maaheem "Mak" Akhtar | Last Updated: Aug 20, 2020

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Imagine selling each one of your belongings and setting off on a two-year journey across every single country in a continent. Can you picture it? Well, you don’t have to, because Ron Rutland did just that and sat down with Whil’s own Keith Jamtaas to talk all about it.

Prior to his expedition, Ron was a corporate employee and rugby player. Now he’s the only person in the entire world to have accomplished this massive feat. Learn his approach to coping, staying mindful and persevering on a daunting journey through some of the most rugged and uncertain terrains on earth.

Ron learned two immensely important lessons on his expedition. The first was that mindfulness can be learned without having to sit on a meditation cushion daily. When biking for half a day daily feeling every stone under you through the Sahara desert without sight of another human for days on end, you’re not practicing mindfulness… you become mindfulness. Secondly, Ron realized the importance of always giving people the benefit of the doubt. Throughout his journey, he experienced immense kindness and generosity from strangers who had next to nothing.

Come find out how he got the motivation to push himself way beyond his physical and mental limits with perseverance and mindfulness despite all the mishaps along with way. Including two years of language barriers, extreme weather and an accidental bushfire in which he almost lost everything.

If you’re seeking inspiration to be resilient through adversity, look no further. Whether it’s to get motivated to take on a big project at work or cut out your bad habits, you will definitely walk away from this webcast recording ready to take on the world.

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