Juggling Parental Stress: It’s About Awareness

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By: The Whil Team | Last Updated: Mar 30, 2022

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On this episode, Angela and Kristin are joined by Vicki Westra, the founder of Autism Shifts and mother of a young adult woman with autism. Vicki shares her perspective on parenting stress, how to tackle it by being intentional and aware, and the power of harnessing sources of support. Vicki explains how an acceptance of her daughter has improved her outlook on life and expanded into a career supporting the neurodiversity community with their employment goals. Although not always easy, getting into what Vicki calls “the green zone, ” essentially a happier place with your family, is a goal we think is pretty great!

Angela Nelson, MS, BCBA, and Kristin Bandi, MA, BCBA, are Board Certified Behavior Analysts with expertise on human behavior and child development. They spend their days working with parents and caregivers of children as well as children with learning, social, and behavioral challenges, or developmental disabilities. This podcast is brought to you by Whil, A Rethink Division. If you need support as a parent or caregiver of a child, we encourage you to ask your Human Resources team if it’s part of your employer-provided benefits. Whil, A Rethink Division reaches millions of lives globally through partnerships with top organizations and Fortune 1,000 companies.

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