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Understanding Cognitive Distortions in the Workplace

As we recognize the importance of Mental Health Awareness Month, a topic that does not get enough coverage, even though it is universal, is cognitive distortions. From time to time, we experience errors in thinking that generally upset us due to how we process and think...
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Whil™ and Castlight Health Join Forces to Provide Leading Employers with Better Access to Wellbeing Support

Whil, A Rethink Division, a leader in employee wellbeing, announced today that it will be teaming up with Castlight Health, a leader in connected healthcare navigation. Whil™, currently used by 30% of the Fortune 100 and millions of employees worldwide, is now the only...
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How to Talk to Your Kids About Mental Health

  On this episode, Angela and Kristin are joined by Dr. Darren Sush, a clinical psychologist and fellow behavior analyst. Darren shares practical tips with parents around broaching the topic of mental health with our kids and teens. He discusses the importance of...
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Juggling Parental Stress: It’s About Awareness

  On this episode, Angela and Kristin are joined by Vicki Westra, the founder of Autism Shifts and mother of a young adult woman with autism. Vicki shares her perspective on parenting stress, how to tackle it by being intentional and aware, and the power of harnessing...
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Workplace Belonging: Parenting & Caregiver Edition

To prepare future generations for a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees feel they belong, we must instill and strengthen a child’s feelings of acceptance and compassion to help them overcome discomfort in situations which involve meeting people who look, think,...
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Inclusion: Building a Sense of Belonging

  On this episode, Angela and Kristin are joined by two guests to discuss the very important topic that families should be talking about - inclusion. Nicole Kelly is a well-known disability speaker and openly shares her lived experiences as a person with a disability. Danny...
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Workplace Belonging: Continuing the Journey

In response to the positive feedback from readers of our last article, Workplace Belonging: A Journey Rather Than a Destination, we added ten more pairs of questions for reflection and action. Answering these questions will further empower your employees to create a greater...
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Workplace Belonging: A Journey Rather Than a Destination

Employees who feel their organization is committed to and supportive of diversity and inclusion report better business outcomes in innovation, responsiveness to changing customer needs, and team collaboration. Moreover, employees have higher job satisfaction and lower...
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Goal Setting – Keep it S.M.A.R.T

On this episode, Angela and Kristin discuss the importance of helping kids set achievable goals. They walk parents through how to set SMART goals with their kids, when to talk about goal setting, and remembering who’s goal it really is. They share ideas on how to...
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