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of Turnover is 
Due to Stress


Stressed by
 High Expectations


Say Stress is “High”
or “Overwhelming”


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Employees in Sales & Success Are Struggling


right-chevron Top 10 Wellbeing Issues*

  1. At Risk Compensation
  2. Stress & Anxiety
  3. Insomnia / Sleep Disorders
  4. Addiction
  5. Adjustment Disorder
  6. Eating Disorders
  7. ADHD
  8. Depression
  9. Panic Attacks
  10. Fatigue

* Sources: Work Performance of Employees with Depression: The Impact of Work Stressors. 2014 September. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4174367/

Employees in Sales & Success

Whil Provides Targeted Courses

Sales and Success Courses

right-chevron Sample Mini-Courses

  • Calm and Focused Selling (Featuring Anil Dindigal)
  • Reduce Daily Stress, Staying Present
  • Sleep Better, Ease Into Sleep
  • Balancing Addiction, Breaking Bad Habits
  • Shift Difficult Emotions, Develop a Positive Attitude
  • Connect with Your Body, Develop Healthy Habits
  • Build Concentration, Focus and Be Calm
  • Accepting and Letting Go, Find Your Inner Worth
  • Be Fluid and Non-Reactive, Get Grounded
  • Understand Your Emotions, Self Management 

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