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Goal-based training to form healthy habits.

  • transform
  • relax and stress less
  • calm axiety and feel safe
  • Kick bad habits
  • create healthy habits
  • Incrase creativity and innovation
  • Be inspired and engaged
  • Think clearly and make better decisions
  • Be tolerant and accepting of others
  • Be a better leader
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Improve difficult relationships
  • create a bedtime routine
  • Go to sleep more easily
  • Sleep through the night
  • manage insomnia

30+ training goals supported by 200+ programs and 1,250+ sessions based in neuroscience, mindfulness and positive psychology.

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  • Mark Coleman
  • Kelly Boys
  • Daniel Siegel
  • Atman Smith
  • Jessica Morey
  • Ali Smith
  • Janet Stone
  • Andy Gonzalez
  • Simon Moyes
  • Michelle Maldonado
  • Patrick Cook Deegan
  • Pascal Auclair
  • Rick Hanson
  • Dawn Scott

Choose the training that suits your needs.

Whil's GROW program

Mindfulness, focus, and sleep training for teens

54 Programs
(500+ Sessions)

Whil's THRIVE program

Mindfulness, focus, and sleep training for adults

82 Programs
(800+ Sessions)

Whil's LEAD program

Search Inside Yourself™ emotional intelligence, teamwork & leadership skills

20 Programs
(200+ Sessions)

Whil's MOVE program

Yoga to exercise the body and mind

29 Programs
(120+ Sessions)

FREE to our customers

54 Programs
(500+ Sessions)

82 Programs
(800+ Sessions)

20 Programs
(200+ Sessions)

29 Programs
(120+ Sessions)

FREE to our customers

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Because life is stressful. And we’re here to help.

“Whil changed my life. I’m more relaxed, more patient with my children and a better partner.”


“My stress is literally half of what it used to be.”

Municipal Worker,
City of Louisville

“10 minutes of Whil decreased my resting heart rate 19 points in 3 months. Still can’t believe it.”

Marketing Professional

“As a busy mom with two boys, Whil has taught me to relax and calm my mind, take better care of my own wellbeing and to truly enjoy our time together.”

Hard Working Mom

“The biggest benefit I’ve seen is in helping to control my anger. My daughter thanks you.”

C-level Executive

“As a utility worker, your product makes me feel safer on the job. Thanks, Whil!”


“This app has helped me through some tough times in my life.”

MBA Student

“I worry less about things I can't control and make an effort to find joy in everyday life.”


“Can’t imagine a day without ten minutes of Whil anymore.”


“Pascal brought such lightheartedness and playfulness to even difficult matters. I learned that mindfulness is MUCH more than a way to quiet the mind.”


“It’s like a master’s degree in your own body. I now better understand my mind, body & spirit.”

former U.S. Army Sergeant

“This app has helped me become a better leader in my organization.”

HR Manager

“I’ve never slept better. Sleep Ninja rocks my world.”

Senior Director

“This is my favorite wellbeing app by far. Whil’s helped my insomnia a lot”

IT Manager

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