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Creating Mindful Leaders Workshops

Mindfulness, Resilience and Emotional Intelligence Skills for Companies

Upcoming Events

Join us for this fun, fast-paced and highly interactive training experience for HR, Employee Benefits and L&D professionals.

Stress resilience and emotional wellbeing is the #1 concern for 93% of employers. While you can't create a stress-free work environment, you can develop a culture of mindfulness, resilience and high performance. Our CML Workshops give you the knowledge and skills to do just that.

Learn the foundational practices for mindfulness, resilience and emotional intelligence (EQ) skills for yourself - and how to scale them for employees in any sized company.

A $500 value! The Workshop is eligible for 4 hours of SHRM CE credit. Attendees receive one year FREE access to Whil's digital solution for mindfulness, stress resilience sleep and mental wellbeing.

We hosted an event with 300 HR professionals in Seattle. Joe’s CML training was truly the talk of the event with the perfect mix of incredibly insightful information and immediate application for what we deal with every day. His expertise in mindfulness is clear. More importantly, his instant connection with our clients and professionals was deep and immediate. And he did it all with humor. Who doesn’t love that? Following the keynote, I read his book. Creating Mindful Leaders was equally fantastic.”

Steve DiPietro, Managing Director
Alliant Employee Benefits

Following the workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the research and science while creating your own health daily habits with Whil’s award-winning app and resource center.
  • Implement actionable insights to improve your employees’ health, performance, relationships and sleep.
  • Use best practices to launch your own scaled mindfulness program.
  • Leverage powerful new skill-building tools aligned with HR and L&D initiatives.
  • Explain the benefits of mindfulness, resilience and emotional intelligence training to your CEO.
  • Enjoy an autographed copy of our book, Creating Mindful Leaders (available at an event discount)


Come out and connect with fellow Human Resources, L&D and Executive Leadership professionals in your city! If your company has over 5,000 employees, contact info@whil.com to come as our guest. 

Want to really change the game? Bring a few members of your team! 


There are currently no scheduled events but be sure to sign-up for our newsletter to find out when we'll be in a city near you!