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Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller
AVP, Learning & Organizational Effectiveness, Cornerstone OnDemand

"Whil makes mindfulness approachable and engaging for any high tech company. It inspires through a mix of research, storytelling, practices, and personal anecdotes. We found immediate value in bringing Whil to our team."

Christine Wenger Headhot

Christine Wenger
People & Change Enablement, Toyota

"We hosted a Whil workshop for 600 employees. It was incredible. We heard nothing but positive feedback from a group that is pretty hard to please. The audience hung on every word. Three months later, we rolled out the Whil app to similar reviews. So far, 97% of our employees report that ‘Whil helped me.’ I can’t recommend Whil enough."


Sarah Luber
Wellness Program Director, Reading Health

"Whil was introduced to help employees self-regulate and increase a sense of calm and balance. We encourage all doctors and nurses to complete the excellent targeted career courses for healthcare. It’s clear to us why Whil is the leading wellbeing solution. The app is great!"

Heather Dawson

Heather Dawson
L&D Program Leader, Morningstar

"I find these mindfulness practices help me to be more calm, clear, and creative. They’ve helped me to improve my relationships. With Whil, I’m finding a multitude of benefits. The platform is really exciting!"

Jamie L. Aslin

Jamie L. Aslin
Team Leader Health & Wellness, LANL

"Los Alamos National Labs chose Whil to aid in their safety program because in-person and compliance training was not being well utilized. That's what's nice about Whil. If you want saturation, you can roll a program out like Whil, create challenges and really get employees to engage. 94% of our employees report that ‘Whil helped me’ and that was neat!"

Patti Clarke-1

Patti Clarke
Global Chief Talent Officer, Havas Group

"Whil was introduced to me through a colleague at another global agency - and I’m glad it was. Whil provides easy, actionable training solutions to help us all manage the ‘always on’ pace of modern business."

Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller
Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual

"Whil is the perfect solution for a high stress, high performance industry. I use it personally to reduce stress and sleep better. And I recommend it to our entire team to build the optimistic and resilient mindset required for our business."

Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin
Founder, Bersin by Deloitte, Whil Board Advisor

"Whil is like having five wellbeing and performance solutions in one. There's nothing else like it."


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