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Health, resilience and happiness. These are a few of our favorite things.

These three issues not only have an enormous impact on the trajectory of your business, they impact your employees as well - from their performance and engagement to overall job satisfaction and retention.


Whil helps organizations create happier, healthier and high-performing workforces with wellbeing training that leverages neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness. Inside every person is a resilient individual — a high-performing employee ready to tackle the stresses of life. Whil brings world-class instructors to your employee’s smartphone or computer.

We offer thousands of goal-oriented training sessions that naturally engage and encourage your employees to be their best, no matter who they are or what they want to accomplish.


Whil was founded in 2014 by Joe Burton, an entrepreneur in digital health and wellness, former President of Headspace and fifteen-year veteran as a global COO in public companies. Joe is alumnus of Harvard Business School, a certified Search Inside Yourself instructor and an advisor to nonprofits including Holistic Life Foundation, Inward Bound Mindfulness Education and Anonymous Good. He discovered mindfulness as a super stressed executive after dismissing it as “definitely not for me” and it changed his life.

Recognizing the need for proactive workforce solutions around resiliency and mental and emotional wellness, Joe set out to find the world’s best trainers to create a platform that would serve the unique needs of driven, ambitious, and stressed out employees - just like he was.

Today, hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of companies use Whil to help them get the most out of life, both at work and at home.


We truly believe the world needs more calm, emotionally intelligent and resilient people– and we want to help. That’s why for every one Whil subscription we sell, we give one away to a philanthropy or foundation that needs it.

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