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Whil Cour

Built for the Enterprise: Over 250 companies use Whil for a happier, healthier and more engaged workforce.

Whil integrates seamlessly into all major employee wellness, LMS, LXP and EAP platforms.

Collection list@2x

Goal-based resilience training for high performing cultures.

12 aspects of employee wellbeing supported by 250+ mini-courses and 1,800+ audio/video sessions based in neuroscience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and positive psychology.


Daily Session-Streak@2x

Daily sessions to transform mental and emotional wellbeing.

Just 5-Minutes a Day

Daily Tip#2

Daily tips to build a positive mindset.

On-going Reinforcement

Collection-Reduce Stress & Anxiety@2x

Covering 12 different aspects of wellbeing and performance.

Mix & Match Collections to Your Needs

Collection-Sleep Better@2x

Transform the quality and duration of sleep.

CBTi Sleep Training

Collection-Build Emotional Intelligence@2x

Improve soft skills with targeted career programs.

Build Emotional Intelligence

Yoga Session

120+ yoga sessions to lose weight while building strength and flexibility.

Boost Physical Health

Goal-based resilience training for high performing cultures.

12 aspects of employee wellbeing supported by 250+ programs and 1,800+ audio/video sessions based in neuroscience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and positive psychology.


Improve your corporate culture while reducing absenteeism, turnover and health care costs.

HIPAA-compliant dashboard shares community progress to track ROI/VOI.

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Put the world’s top MDs, PhDs and trainers in your employees' hands.

Decades of experience to cultivate healthier, happier and more engaged employees. Your low-cost, high-impact competitive advantage.

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Whil's extensive customer resources help you improve employee wellbeing while transforming your company culture.

Resource library

Resource Library

Customizable digital, print, & video assets for awareness

Champion Club

Champion Club

Facilitator guide for group practice

Measure Progress

Measure Progress

Administrator dashboard customer success reports

End User Support

End User Support

Resource center with articles, webcasts and training videos

Leadership Education

Leadership Education

Monthly webcasts CE: SHRM, World at Work, HRCI-certified, Mindful Leader Workshop

Community Building

Community Building

Points and rewards partners Forum


Giving Whil to your employees is easy as 1-2-3

one icon
Easy rollout for admins and employees
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Personalized training in under 2 minutes
three icon
Secure dashboard tracks training & enables ROI
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As seen in:

“Whil is like having five wellbeing and performance solutions in one. There’s nothing else like it.” 

Josh Bersin

Whil Board Advisor, Founder Bersin by Deloitte

“Both LuLu and Kit and Ace are global businesses based on experiences. Delivering innovative, creative solutions in luxury retail requires resilience, clarity and focus. Whil’s mindfulness training helps our team to perform in the moment. And the yoga training reminds us to take care of our bodies too.” 

Shannon Wilson

Co-Founder, Lululemon and Kit and Ace

"As a sales leader, I’m incredibly proud to be part of Whil’s solution. These practices are invaluable in sales, any business, and in life. And Whil’s live-training workshop was transformational - probably the best event we’ve ever had."

Anil Dindigal

VP Einstein Analytics, Salesforce

“Whil is the perfect solution for high stress, high-performance industry. I use it personally to reduce stress and sleep better. And I recommend it to our entire team to build an optimistic and resilient mindset required for our business.”

Kevin Miller

Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual

“Whil makes mindfulness approachable and engaging for any high tech company. It inspires through a mix of research, storytelling, practices, and personal anecdotes. We found immediate value in bringing Whil to our team."

Jeff Miller

AVP, Learning & Organizational Effectiveness, Cornerstone OnDemand

"Our mission to ‘develop young adults for success in life,’ includes a responsibility to give them tools to deal with stress and performance expectations. That’s exactly what Whil offers - mindfulness as rocket fuel for calm, focus and driving outcomes at a critical point in their lives.”

Dr. Paul Friga

Professor, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler Business School

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Create happier, healthier employees and a workforce that thrives.

Let us show you how.

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